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The TV show,  ‘JE,  TUTAFIKA/SHALL WE  MAKE  IT?’ is over  a decade  today  having  first appeared on  Dar es Salaam’s CTN station in  ] 999. The latter station is part  of the Africa  Media Group (AMG) Media House which houses  Channel  Ten and DTV television stations.

 Immediately, what strikes one is the philosophy  and novelty of the name  of  the show. Je, Tutafika? [Shall  We  Make It/Shall we Reach there?] This is a popular  Kiswahil i slung used in ordinary conversation   by  Kiswahili  speaking   folks  in  East  Africa.   So clearly, it is both imaginative  and creative to use this slung as the name for a television  Show audience  away  from the tradition of many a TV/Radio shows normally named after their hosts/presenters.

But the name of the show  is clearly  very ideal  for promotional purposes for those wishing to promote a given product.

The Producer  & Host  of  the Show  is a  well-known  Tanzanian Senior journalist,  Columnist  & Author.  He  is Mr.  Makwaia wa Kuhenga, a graduate  of the University of Wales  in Great Britain where he was admitted to the Degree of Master of Arts in journal­ ism and Mass Communication  in 1992


This is an  hour-long Show  broadcast  every  Tuesday night from 8.30 pm  to 9.30 pm  prime  time on  Channel  Ten, one  of the leading  TV channels in the country. It is broadcast  interchange­ ably in Kiswahili and English editions. je, Tutafika?- is the Kiswa­ hili  edition  of the Show  while  the English edition  is  Shall We Make  It?

This arrangement  was  initiated  by the Producer and  Host of the Show to suit the convenience  of command  of language to those invited  to  take  part   in  the  Show.   Because  of  its  bilingual approach [the Kiswahili  and English editions of the Show) it has turned out to very popular  especially  the Kiswahili edition  of the show  which  has a greater appeal to countries where Kiswahili is spoken.

 Among early guests to the Show was Mr. Joachim Chissano now retired  President of Mozambique.  Other  top  dignitaries  to the Show have been Mr. Marti  Ahtisaari, former President of Finland. Dr. Mo   Ibrahim,  that African  billionaire who  made  his fortune from a cellular business enterprise and  now sponsors the $5m/­ annual  prize  on Excellence in African  leadership  has appeared on this Show.

 But this is essentially a show that cuts across the board  in terms of wider  public  interest. So from Presidents to business people  and to policy  and  decision  makers, the Show  also  hosts  ordinary people   making   news  on  the  local   scene  and  tackles  social economic  issues on the agenda  locally and internationally.


This is a Show that is watched  across the board  in Tanzania and abroad since the Channel  over which it is broadcast  is available on  satellite as  far  as  Saudi  Arabia   in  the Gulf.     Policy  and decision  makers watch  this Show with interest.

In the light of the down-to-earth name of the Show, businesses wishing  to sponsor the Show are bound  to achieve  an immense prestige  over  and  above   promotional   benefits.  A  jingo  easily comes to mind e.g.  ‘With.. . [nome  of your business ] We  shall Make It … ] os would  read  in Kiswahili:  Ukiwa  no ..  [name  of your Business] TUTAFIKA!’..

So Sponsor/Advertise on this Show Now!

Contact the Host and Producer of the Program:

Makwaia wa KUHENGA Esq. [MA. Mass Communication, Wales]

Mobiles:   +255 754 366520

+255 713 320011

+255 773 066674

Emails:     wakuhenga@gmail.com


Website:  www.makwaia.com

For Airtime Rates Contact:

Marketing Department, Channel Ten, Tel. +255 116341 – 3 ext. 131