Business Relations


[Facilitators and Promoters of Businesses]

WE are  a limited liability consultancy company specializing in Facilitation and Promotion of Businesses of both local and international dimension.
Tanzania, in the East Coast of Africa has immense potential for foreign investment and business partnerships. The country’s over a dozen rivers, springs, and major lakes provides the springboard of all weather farming that will not have to depend on the vagaries of weather. The country has immense mineral resources of all types ranging from gold, diamonds to nickel. Unique landscape dimensions such as  number of game reserves, internationally prominent of which is the Ngorongoro Crater in Northern Tanzania plus Africa’s highest mountain, snow-capped The Kilimanjaro; makes the country a unique tourism destination. All these areas augur well for investment and local business partnerships.

Business Relations International therefore facilitates and makes it possible for foreign investors and  business people to know the country latest economic profile and data related to business development. It has in place a data bank that would be made available to business people and investors on Who is Who, and What is available where in the country.

For business people and investors wishing to visit the country for business or exploring areas of business, all they need to do is to E.mail this company and they will be facilitated and connected to the right people in such a manner that they will  be able to save their valuable time. Someone will be there to receive them at the airport, and take them to hotels of their choice in the country’s de facto capital and business city of Dar es Salaam. Before arriving they will be sure of meeting their appointments etc.

Headed by a prominent figure from the media, this company is capable of connecting business people to influential people within the Tanzanian society and within the circles of policy and decision making. This consultancy firm’s role is that of lobbyists for your business con- cerns which need adequate and proper understanding within government circles and other interest groups.

Once settled and registered in Tanzania, your business or company may need promotion. Here then in this Consultancy company’s strongest area.

The head of this consultancy firm runs a well known TV talk show – very popular across the board. You will be sure to be invited to his show to talk about your company and business.

This consultancy firm will also handle all your publicity and advertisement needs, placing your ads on all print media outlets including, ofcourse television.

This firm also specializes in event management, which means it is capable to organize your functions including your formal statements and speeches. This is not to speak of publishing and editing for you your company newsletters and magazines.

Contact CEO of the firm:
Mr. Makwaia wa KUHENGA,
Chief Executive,
Business Relations International
Cell: +255 754 366520
Dar es Salaam
Email: makwaia@makwaia.com